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Picture of Issue Nine
Johnny America is a little print ’zine of fiction, humor, and other miscellany. It’s a web site too, freshened every-other Friday.
Our ninth issue is thirty-six pages of very short shorts, illustrations, and a truly strange comic strip which confuses and delights us. As with previous issues, it sports a silkscreen cover, hand-stitched thread binding, and smells vaguely of citrus. It’s available now for four bucks.

Amish Missed Connections

You were changing a wagon wheel. I was wearing a hat. You smiled.


At the barn raising, you borrowed my hammer and took my heart.


I was the girl reading the Bible at the community center. I cut our conversation short out of shyness. I’d love to discuss the book some more.


Your cow had prolapsed and retained her afterbirth. I expelled the placenta. Let’s schedule a follow-up.


Do you still think of our rumspringa, like I do?

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