Things I Thought of Today

  • People made of chocolate, afraid to run, afraid to sweat, afraid to melt.
  • Ble’ noir, French for buckwheat.
  • My own cable access TV show in where I spend countless hours at Chris’ house drinking rum while watching myself on TV, a show where I am at Chris’ house drinking rum. I even stop to pause tivo while I get up for another drink. A cruel, cruel reality loop
  • My muscles weak with atrophy.
  • Feed me poison metallic biscuits?
  • The snow level is at 4,000 ft. racing down upon our heads.
  • The girls — young, chocolate-skinned, ever-giggling naked girls with sleek wet bodies, rosebud nipples. Long hair, coltish legs and scarlet and purple petals folded behind their ears, who play in the warm white surf of the south pacific, until they are devoured by sharks.
  • There are men right now calculating ways to provide me with better internet service.
  • The price of salmon has definitely gone up now that the fishing season is over. The rain comes down flooding the rivers with minerals, the minerals flood out into the bays then into the oceans driving the salmon mad, calling them home to their spawning grounds, where I will be waiting to snatch them from the river bank, while constantly on the look out for hungry bears.
  • Fiona Apple ain’t all that bad.
  • If anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, I will reply the Oxford English Dictionary. At first they will think it is a stupid and relatively easy gift to purchase, when in fact it is a 7,000 page, 40 edition dictionary, which happens to be extremely expensive yet a true cornerstone of any great library.
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