So You’re Playing G-Unit Again?

Alright, I can understand that statistically, if my iTunes playlist is set to select songs at random, then out of my 4676 songs it’s not improbable that at some point any one of a subset of say, nineteen songs, in that playlist might come up back-to-back after another song off the same album. But there comes a point at which I must question the this so-called “shuffle” feature’s integrity regarding its selection of music.

I am by no means a statistician, and will not attempt to calculate numerical odds regarding the likelihood of such an occurrence – all I can say is that my iTunes computer program has somehow developed a penchant for G-Unit. Apple Technical Support states this is not possible – that iTunes doesn’t care what music I listen to. But it has happened.

Now I don’t mind G-Unit – in fact, there are a couple of tracks I genuinely like. 50 Cent’s sing song rhyming styles are usually pleasant enough for me to handle. But out of the past twenty-two songs the iTunes shuffle mechanism has selected, fifteeen have been tracks from Beg for Mercy, the latest G-Unit album. This includes the song ‘I Smell Pussy’, which I have now heard three times today.

My iTunes has never displayed a similar affinity before, not even when I first introduced the now-classic 50 cent masterpiece Get Rich or Die Trying (which is clearly the superior album). Maybe this album appeals to iTunes’ inner thug, but if this were the case, then why G-unit? There’s plenty more rap contained in my playlist, work with significantly more artistic merit. For now I have to accept this and move on. Maybe iTunes will, as I have, get tired of the clichéd lyrical content and unimaginative beats, then move on to more progressive alternatives. Then again, it just played ‘Stunt 101’ again… for the second time today.

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