Let It Be… Naked

by Eliza GREEN

This isn’t timely, I realize: those in-the-know probably bought it months ago. I hadn’t heard of it, though, so I was surprised and confused when I saw the Beatles Let It Be… Naked album on the rack at the Virgin Megastore. Grab, flip, read: the info on the disc promised Beatles goodness without the Phil Spector Wall of Sound shellac that had slapped onto the previously released version of the album (no children’s choruses, no flange-tongued violins).

Check card handed over, I popped into my Discman as I left the door. This was fifty minutes ago; I’m on my second listen as I type, but even in such short time I can tell you this: it’s good stuff. From my limited knowledge of the Beatles I recall that the Let It Be album was supposed to be about the band getting back to rock’n’roll, rediscovering their roots, what have you. Famously they failed to coalesce, then later, post break-up, sent off the recordings to Phil Spector, who added a whole ’lotta effects and sounds and gloss. Gloss removed, the new version is improved. Recommended.

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