KFC Dale, Jr. Collectible Bucket

by Emily LAWTON

“When I heard about Taco Bell, KFC and Long John Silver’s, I felt we would be a perfect fit because I can relate to these restaurants. Besides, my friends and I eat there all the time.” —Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

It seems that another questionable marketing ploy has been undertaken by a fast food restaurant, this time the venerable southern-fried chain KFC. I can theoretically condone the sponsorship of a NASCAR vehicle by KFC, realizing that the NASCAR-loving segment is proportionally great within the fried-chicken-purchasing population. I cannot, however, overlook the absurd nature of a collectible chicken bucket. Is it of any use? Perhaps your wee grubby children will use it to play in the sandbox. But then, that’s no way to treat a collectible. Does slapping the words “limited edition” on a plastic bucket make it worth something? Will it someday command more than $1.35 on eBay?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, why would you ever think I’d wish to gaze upon the face of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. when I could see Colonel Sanders?

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