Book Review: Cajun Sexy Cookin’


Before Cajun Sexy Cookin’ I owned two cookbooks—a thin, lavishly illustrated volume demonstrating practical techniques for cooking Chinese-American fare and a Good Housekeeping tome of All-American standards. I now own just a single cookbook, having pitched the two costly and useful editions in disgust after beholding the radiant light of this new classic, which I affectionately refer to as “CSC.”

The recipes are what any savvy connoisseur of Cajun fare might predict: turtle soup, jambalaya, baked lemon catfish, etc. I have yet to replicate any of these recipes, so I cannot vouch for their quality, but their presentation is so transcendent, so perfectly in line with my interest and fascinations, that immediately I trashed my two other culinary guides.

Exhibit A: Girl in bikini, catching crabs using specialized cages:

Exhibit B: Vixen with a quiver in her hand, exuding pride in her American-Indian heritage by sporting Apache-inspired sportswear:

Exhibit C: Nineteen-year-old beauty in leopard-print bathing skirt, holding compound bow, projecting an admirably strong sense of empowered sexuality while conveying with her eyes the passion with which one must tackle the preparation of fine foodstuffs:

Need I say more? Yes! Beautiful ladies, guns, knives, and alligators: CSC has it all. Like a fine gumbo each component is deliberately chosen and complements all others (rifles, but not too many; revealing swimwear, but not risqué). Abandon your other cookbooks; Cajun Sexy Cookin’ replaces and surpasses them.

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