He laid her down, and smoothed her hair over and behind the headphones. This was the point in which he related to her best. When she was scared and childlike. Her eyes were closed as if she were preparing for flight. He kept his open for curiosity’s sake, and cued the record.

She told him about the first ghost she had ever felt. When she eight and living with father she would stay up late listening to FM radio on headphones. Lou Reed and his girls came on one night. She’d never heard “Walk on the Wild Side,” and had no idea of its power to frighten her. The colored girl’s chorus reverberated through her ears and shook her. They haunted her brain and stayed there.

Maybe he didn’t believe it and needed proof, maybe she wasn’t entirely convinced herself — so they tried it again fourteen years later. Four minutes and twelve seconds later he was still above her. It was as if they had both been seen naked for the first time. They were nervous, but the ghost was gone.

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