Books You Should Read Tomorrow

Books you should read tomorrow, while skipping out on work. Cold grueling work that involves hammers and bricks and the smashing of things, and sometimes while at work you imagine yourself as Will Hunting and you keep telling yourself it is an honest job, a hard fucking job, but at least it’s honest…

  1. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. By Michael Ondaatje: (a word I cannot say, a name I cannot spell!) the book is good, great, groundbreaking.
  2. 1982, Janine By Alasdair Gray: this book is about power, and powerlessness. It is also about politics and pornography. Plus Dave Eggers steals a lot of his gimmicks from this book. There is no doubt in my mind that he read it before writing You Shall Know Our Velocity.
  3. Ask the Dust. By John Fante. Bukowski idolized this guy, I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But he does write better than Bukowski. The main character is a dreamer, a loner, and a liar. A small man, who slowly becomes a full man, has sex and causes an earthquake.
  4. Fermata: by Nicholson Baker. A sort of stop time and masturbate book.
  5. Guns Germs & Steel. By Jared Diamond. This book makes you feel smarter, smart and lucky to be Caucasian.

Of course there are more books, but remember you are only skipping one day of work and to read anymore than five books in a 24 hour time period is a daunting task. And besides you are poor, extremely poor, so poor you wear your shirts inside out to as a symbol of your poverty. But work is money, so once again you brave the cold to build marvelous structures for other people to live in.

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