Letter to the Chorus of ‘FAME’ Years After I Sang Along to It With All My Heart

by Kyle SUNDBY

Dearest FAME!:

I am sorry so much time has passed since we last spoke. I regret even more what I said to you at that encounter. All I can say is that I was not myself. Perhaps that was who I once was but, I can assure you, I am no longer.

As the years have gone by, maturity and wisdom have embraced my life and I have realized how irrational my behavior was. Of course I now know that I am not gonna live forever. I was naive to believe that. It was that kind of thinking that allowed me to address you so. I felt that no matter what I said, I would always have the time to repair the damage created. Now I only hope I can begin to mend our relationship with whatever time remains.

There were moments in our cruel last meeting that presently make no sense to me. That is how irrational I was at the time. I was wildly reaching for anything to hurl at you that had the potential to inflict pain. I’m gonna learn how to fly? I am not even sure what my intent was at that point. The logistics involved in owning and operating an aircraft must be staggering and hardly a reasonable alternative to established air passenger services. My words were senseless and inexcusable.

As poor as my behavior was, it was true that I was still optimistic. Indeed, I did feel it coming together. But my ravenous ego would not allow it. Insensitivity towards anything that was not me commanded my thoughts—I was actually excited that people would see me and cry. Yet still I saw no wrongdoing on my part. The belief that I still was gonna make it to heaven while threatening to light up the sky like a flame only showed the depths of my delusions.

None of us are gonna live forever and there is no better time to atone. What I once demanded out of spite I now ask out of shame and the wish to be forgiven.

Baby, remember my name.


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