To the Creators of Comedic Dance Moves

by Kyle SUNDBY

Choreographers on the fringe,

I have confessed, on numerous occasions, that I have no aptitude for dancing. This does not mean that I do not wish that I did. On the contrary, I would love it if I was able to let music and my emotion express themselves through the movements of my body. But I have seen Dance Fever , American Bandstand, Soul Train , and numerous music videos and I know that I cannot replicate what I have witnessed.

As a result, I have squashed any suggestion or invitation to dance as a method of dealing with my inadequacies. Lord knows how many times I have passed on letting my hair down and/or kicking up my heels. Not only have I robbed myself of the pleasure of dance I have also sneered at those who have chosen and have been in the act of dancing.

But you have given me an out, creators of comedic dance moves. You have allowed me to get on the dance floor and let the rhythm move me. I can move now, without the shame of improper footwork, a stiff upper body, a frozen pelvis, and off-tempo movement. What began as cruel mockery has become the vehicle that drives my artistic passions.

I believe it was the Sprinkler that initiated my metamorphosis. One arm pointed straight out, the other bent with hand on back of head, the horizontal movement between the two—this was my turning point. Before I knew it, my body was interacting with my arms, rotating slowly in one direction and then snapping back to its original position and behold, I was dancing! I doused my fellow dancers with the imaginary water spout emanating from my extended arm for what seemed an eternity and if not that, at least for the duration of that song.

As much as a revelation as the Sprinkler was, it was merely a gateway comedic dance into the larger world of comedic dances of which I have only begun to sample. Why, only a few songs later I had moved on to the Shopping Cart. And of course that led to the Lawnmower. I have even begun work on some variations of my own. At the present time, Washing the Dishes is nearing completion.

I can never repay what you have given me. You have my deepest gratitude and I can only hope you stay light on your feet and alive in your souls. Let nothing, even the most mundane of activities, be immune from your interpretive insights.

Thank you,

Kyle Sundby

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