Advance Praise for The Author’s Healthy Ego

by Kyle SUNDBY

… an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows that doesn’t always stay on the tracks. Eliciting sobs, guffaws, and everything that falls between … never knew what hit us.
— Parents

Evoking memories of times long since passed while leaving you the wish to see what’ll happen next.
— Grandparents

Great to crawl into bed with. I wasn’t ready for it to end.
— Ex-Girlfriend

We were kept on our toes the entire time. Never has terror been this palpable.
— Punks looking for trouble

A bold new voice in a spirited, promising debut.
— Karaoke DJ guy, local bar

Setting the bar for the 21st century … everything else pales in comparison.
— Peers

Lean, sexy … There’s not one wasted stroke throughout.
— Author, in front of the bathroom mirror

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