Neighborhood Association

by Kyle SUNDBY

Tonight’s meeting will take care of that, she thought. If not, then the neighborhood newsletter better. Karin takes a deep breath and shifts her focus to her arguments, for and against, sleeping with that college kid at Starbucks.

Take good care of my body-Deserve treat.    /    Hubby would not be pleased.
He doesn’t live around here.    /    He is too young, inexperienced—lots of work
Would really take the edge off.    /    Would really take the edge off.

She continues through the intersection and pulls the Jetta into the garage, three houses down.


“But his name is no longer on the account. Is it okay if I just come in tomorrow with a money order?” It’s been two weeks since Sandra moved in and there’s a little problem with the bill from her last residence for trash service, among other things. After she gets off her cell phone, she knots the top of the kitchen garbage bag and carries it out front. It sits next to the overstuffed can and two loose bags. The Jetta pulling in down the street matches the empty tissue box poking up from the can. Sandra heads back inside and locks the door.


Bryan shuts off the television early into the third quarter. He is running late and may not get the door to the Community Rec Center unlocked before Tracy arrives with the coffee machine. It’s still twenty minutes before seven so it’s not yet critical. But he remembers that tonight Tracy and one of her friends are going to discuss an issue concerning a new neighbor. His shoes are on quickly.

Holding a slice of leftover pizza, Bryan heads out the door. The wax paper that wrapped the pizza is crushed and tossed from the driver’s side window.

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