How You Might’ve Found Johnny America #22: April, 2005

Using a deadly combination of custom spyware and server “cookies,” every month the Johnny America Internet Team tracks which search engine queries lead visitors to this web site. Why the search engines send us these world wide web travelers, we do not know.

April brought visitors looking for a total of 1069 distinct phrases, almost all of which were prurient queries relating to incestuous antics or human-canine cavorting. We list the most amusing below, ordered from most homosexual to least.

  • “gay cannibals eating fat boys stories”
  • “you might just be gay”
  • “how to tell if someone is gay by looking at their rings”
  • “mens sexy underwear web pages”
  • “what to ask your boyfriend trying to understand him”
  • “i smelled moms hairy armpits”
  • “how tall is ashlee simpson?”
  • “answers to accusations for moon”

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