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by Emily LAWTON


Show: Great Outdoors
Time: 5:26 pm Eastern, Monday, May 30, 2005
Item: ProForm CrossWalk Caliber Treadmill
Retail Price: $1108.92
HSN price: 649.95
607 sold

When I turned on the show “Great Outdoors,” I expected perhaps grills, patio furniture, maybe a tent. The treadmill, not so much.

The Action: While the woman in green talked (you can tell by her heavy eye make-up that she wasn’t planning on doing any actual exercise), the woman in orange opined at length on the beauty of other people not sweating on your workout equipment. I was impressed with her ability to talk a blue streak while still treadmilling.

Another woman not seen here (lavender shirt) walked pretty slowly through the majority of the segment, even though she had less need to conserve her breath than the woman in orange. Then, inexplicably (perhaps in reaction to the speed at which these treadmills were selling…), she started to run at a breakneck pace. Woman in green: “look at her go!”

The set, if you can’t tell, is odd. It’s vaguely nautical in that there are a couple of life preservers hanging toward the back, but there is also apparently an enormous fireplace—vital to any home gym. If the park bench and the life preservers are their nod to the outdoors, I suggest the set designers try a little harder next time.

Quotables: “When you sweat, you’re releasing a lot of stored junk”

“It’s an invitation to say, ‘okay, okay, that’s enough of saying no. Now I know I don’t have to go outside to do it.’”

What Makes it a Great Deal: This item comes with a free six-month trial membership to iFIT.com. Here you can download workout programs for your treadmill that simulate walking outdoors in various scenic locales. Of course, if you do that you’ll miss valuable hours of shopping at home.

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