Just Ask James: The Big Question

What’s great about James Spillane is that if you have a question about how to drunkenly punch someone in the face, start a huge bar fight, have the cops come, then make it look like the person that you punched is at fault because you are mentally handicapped, he knows the answer.

Dear James,

Am I abnormal if I like to search for same gender pictures?


Dear Addison,

According to Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human (1948):

Principal findings of the Male volume included: that 85% of the American males sampled had experienced pre-marital intercourse; that 59% had some experience in oral-genital contacts; that from 30 to 45% participated in extra-marital intercourse; that 37% had some homosexual experience to orgasm between adolescence and old age; 10% of the men studied had lived at least 3 years of their lives between the ages of 16 and 55 being exclusively sexual with the same sex; and that 17% of farm boys interviewed had experienced intercourse with animals.

Do you live on a farm?


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