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by Emily LAWTON

Show: Xen-Tan: Premium Self-Tanning

Time: 9:44 pm Eastern, Saturday, September 10, 2005

Item: Daily Moisture with Pur Minerals

Retail Price: $67

SHN Price: $44.97 + 4.99 shipping

Sold: Not disclosed

The Action: Two former cheerleaders over-hype a pair of face creams. Though SHN was unable to reproduce it in on the small screen, rest assured that this is a beauty product with an umlat in its name.

Quotables: “Those of you who have seen me talk about this before know that I’ve said, if I were on a desert island–a deserted island–this, this and my husband, and I’d be okay.”

What makes it a great deal: You can pay in 3 easy payments of $14.99! (Your results will vary)

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