Holiday Announcement

by Kyle SUNDBY

October 25, 2006
From: Randy Brown, Human Resources
To: All Employees
Subject: Holiday Announcement


We are inviting everyone to join in the fun of Halloween by dressing up in a costume or sporting Halloween colors (both orange and black!).

WHEN? October 31st
WHO? All Employees

Enjoy a free Halloween cookie in the cafeteria and share some fun with your coworkers. Be creative, resourceful, and inventive!

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:
—Costumes may not violate safety, professional dress code, or company protocols.
—Use common sense and remember, this is a place of business. No scantily clothed costumes, please.
—Masks, capes, and flimsy footwear are safety hazards and are restricted from the workplace.
—No furry or fuzzy costumes (potentially hazardous around office and warehouse machinery) and no accessories (fake swords, guns, etc.).
—Painted faces and the application of heavy amounts of makeup are poor ideas and should be avoided. Our customers are our first concern and we must demonstrate sincerity toward their business interests by maintaining professional standards. For this reason, black and orange attire is prohibited.
—For security reasons, employees must resemble the photograph on their employee identification badge. Not appearing to this standard will result in immediate escort from the building.

Let’s make the 31st a celebration! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  • Free Halloween cookies are for at-work employees only. Employees in the cafeteria are considered at lunch break and off the clock.
  • Halloween may not be observed by all of our employees. Please refrain from celebrating while on the premises.
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