A Story Whose Title Was too Long to Put in the ‘Title’ Field of our Content Management System

by Josh MADAY

With the true title somewhat awkwardly inserted here,
where the story should begin, according to our house style (—Ed.):

A Technically, Theoretically, and Politically Perfect Story, or What Remains after Many Years of Extensive, Intensive, Sensitive, Open-Minded Workshops, Peer Edits, Community Critiques (Constructive and Otherwise), and Helpful Suggestions from All Ages, Disabilities, Pay Scales, National Origins, Pregnancy-Related Situations, Races, Religions, Belief and Unbelief Systems, Genders, Weights, Body Types, Hair and Eye Pigments, Fingernail Lengths, Follicular Endowments, Breast Sizes, Foot Odor and Halitosis Levels, Predisposed Temperaments, Brain Chemical Balances and Imbalances, Svelte Rabbits, Blood Types, and Last but by No Means Least (Remember the Old Saying, The Last Shall be First), Gross Annual Earwax Production Levels

Something happened, allegedly.

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