Lottery Tickets Reviewed: Merry Music

by Mark BROWN


Cost: $1

Maximum prize: $3,000

Appeal: Most lotto scratch-offs contain a single game of chance—scratch a triplet of like amounts out say nine panels, and win the corresponding prize. Merry Music distinguishes itself by offering three-for-one gameplay, the group sex of lottery tickets. The space limitations of the standard lotto-ticket format limit the artistic depth of each game; to borrow the jargon of computer games, none of these “mini-games” can match the strategic complexity of a sphinx like Tic Tac Turkey, but that doesn’t lessen the fun. You spend less time with each mini-game than you might like but the experience as a whole can be as dazzling as an ice storm.

Fun: 9 / 10

Graphic Design: 8 / 10

Eroticism: 7 / 10

Overall value: 8.5 / 10

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