Lottery Tickets Reviewed: Quick Crossword

by Mark BROWN

Scan of a Kansas Lottery Quick Crossword lotto ticket, unscratched, then scratched

Cost: $1

Maximum Prize: $5,000

Approximate Odds: 1 : 4.56

Critique: At first glance the Quick Crossword scratch-off looks a little chintzy; its silver finish sparkles like stripper garb and the red, green, and yellow accent colors remind the contestant of elven workwear. These elements contribute to a subdued eroticism, but by and large Quick Crosswords is a utilitarian affair. It is also the most enjoyable scratch-off Yours Truly has ever played. You begin by scratching off a large swath of game surface, revealing “Your Letters.” Next, you move your attention to the miniature “crossword puzzle,” which is composed of completed words visible under translucent blue ink. You scrape the blue ink from characters that match “Your Letters,” with the aim of revealing completed words and winning buckets of cash. This process of matching and scratching takes at least seven or eight seconds, a “reveal” several times longer than most of this card’s competition that makes Quick Crossword the best value on the market. The gameplay more closely resembles BINGO than it does a crossword puzzle, which is slightly bizarre for a game called Quick Crossword, but this conceptual inconsistency is easy to ignore when the game is so much fun. Highly Recommended.

Fun: 10 / 10

Graphic Design: 2 / 10

Eroticism: 3 / 10

Overall value: 9.2 / 10

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