And Who Exactly Are The Freaks [Who] Come Out At Night, Whodini?

Ecstasy: Shit, there were so many. All night long, just freaks comin’ out of the woodwork. Remember that, y’all?

Jalil: And goin’ on. I was borderline agoraphobic for a while.

Grandmaster Dee: Hell, yeah. If you wanted to see some freaks, all you needed to do back then was come into our neighborhood around 7:00 at night. Typical freaks, as far as your eyes could see. Man, let me think. There was…uh…

Ecstasy: It wasn’t always freaky at 7:00.

Grandmaster Dee: Huh?

Ecstasy: I said not always.

Grandmaster Dee: You’re crazy inside the head, man! Night falls and it’s just freaks. Everywhere was freaks. You know I ain’t lyin’. You remember that shit, right?

Ecstasy: Not during daylight savings—bitch.

Jalil: Aww, that’s true, man! He just took your nuts…

Grandmaster Dee: Aww, fuck that, y’all. Ok ok, when it wasn’t daylight savings, come 7:00—freaks. Like I was sayin’, though…there was…there was…uh…

Jalil: Well, shit. Ramone! Remember that dude, Ramone? He was freaky!

Grandmaster Dee: Um-hm. Yep. Ramone was a freaky dude. I remember one time, it must have been about 9:45 at night, he shows up at my house trying to borrow my crock pot so he could cook some potatoes.

Ecstasy: Aw, man. That’s not freaky. I’ll tell you who was freaky; Ed was a freaky dude. Remember he used to drive around all over town, man. He’d just drive all night. Then, just when you thought he’d be gone forever, that muthafucka would sure enough be back at home. Man that was freaky.

Grandmaster Dee: Damn right that was freaky! Man, I’m hungry.

Ecstasy: Me too.

Jalil: Hey, I know! What about old Henry? Shit, he was the craziest of ‘em all. Remember when he used to come to the door and deliver all those letters? Man, he didn’t even care. Boxes, letters, packages, parcels. Everything.

Grandmaster Dee: Yeah, but that was during the day.

Ecstasy: It was. That was during the day. But that was freaky, you ain’t lyin’.

Jalil: Oh, yeah. Yeah. But remember that fool at night!? Aw, man…what did he do?

Grandmaster Dee: Man, I never saw him at night. I can’t speak to that.

Jalil: I’ll bet he was real freaky, though.

Ecstasy: Not necessarily. Maybe he was just an average dude at night.

Grandmaster Dee: Well, ok. We need to clear this up. Maybe all the freaks didn’t come out at night. But I mean, as a general rule…

Jalil: Look, think of it this way: Maybe all the people that came out at night were freaks, but not all the freaks necessarily came out at night. I mean, it’s a pretty easy syllogism.

Ecstasy: Oh, snaps. Aristotle for that ass!

Grandmaster Dee: Huh? Aristotle wasn’t freaky. That dude just sat out on the corner, selling falafal. Actually, that was pretty freaky, now that I think about it.

Ecstasy: Man, naw. A different Aristotle, you old fool. But, Jalil, I’m a little concerned that you trying to limit your scope to include only categorical syllogisms? I think that…

Jalil: Man, I’m getting hungry now too.

Ecstasy: I wonder what Kant would say about all this.

Jalil: I think we should go to TGI Friday’s for dinner.

Grandmaster Dee: Kant wouldn’t say that shit!

Ecstasy: I don’t know, man. He might. I’m down for TGI Friday’s.

Grandmaster Dee: Well, don’t get me wrong—I’m down too, I’m just sayin…

Jalil: Wait, wait. What time is it?

Ecstasy: About 8:30. Why?

Jalil: That dude Chauncey is working tonight. That cat is freaky for real.

Grandmaster Dee: Oh, man. Damn! That dude is freaky. All night long, just handing out menus and walking around in that crazy uniform. Damn!

Ecstasy: True. True. I’d almost rather just order in, you know? Too many freaks out there.

Jalil: For real.

Grandmaster Dee: It’s a damn shame.

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