Story by Jimmy Chen

by Jimmy CHEN

I am Jimmy Chen mother and dont write english really good, as you will have to forgive me. Jimmy ran away from home today after I smack him for complaining about no Dolito cool raunch chips again. I take him to saveway all the time for nightquil and Dolito cool raunch chips and he eats both of them so quick and always wants more. His friend Neeraj now sitting on his bed looking at his tapes. I ask him come over to help me look for my son. Neeraj is nice boy, but he playing the song “girls, girls, girls” by Molly Crew really loud. Neeraj say Jimmy probably rode his bike to Michelle’s house and hide in her side yard. Jimmy likes Michelle very much, he wrote her name many times on his chair using my nail polish. I am writing this for Jimmy’s english class assignment to writing a short story that is creative. I hope this can be the story and is creative. I have hard time to making up a story out of my head. I first try to write about a turtle who died when I was girl but that story is real. When its real its called none-fiction. This story about Jimmy running away again is also none-fiction and I worried Jimmy will get an F on this assignment, but I hope not Mrs. Kalanack. I remember your name because for teacher’s day I bought you Chanel perfume. Do you like it? I hope you like it. I didn’t buy you lotion because your skin is already so soft. Jimmy’s father says I am “passive aggressive” but I do not know those word’s meanings. I’m just saying I hope you like this story that is creative about my son who I don’t know where he is right now. Jimmy’s father is asleep in front of TV now but I can’t turn down volume or else he will wake up. He likes to watch CNN news really loud and yell. Molly Crew is really loud too so my head is confused by all this loud. When Jimmy watches Molly Crew videos I feel I can smell their bad smell. His father give him ten dollars a month and he use all his money on cassette tapes. I just got back from phone. I can’t find the pen so now I am using this pencil. Michelle’s mother call and say Jimmy is in side yard again hiding in the bushes under her window. I am very happy my son is okay. When he was a baby he had pyloric problem in stomach and almost died. I cry when I think of that. I need to go now to drive Neeraj home and pick my son up. I understand if you don’t give him and A for this story because he didn’t write it and its none-fiction. But please give him a B though because he needs to go to nice college so he can have good career. Thank you Mrs. Kalanack, you probably smell very nice.

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