Friends of Johnny America

  • Biopsy Magazine

    Is a bang-up little magazine of editorials and essays that make for perfect bathtub or subway reading.

  • The Big Jewell

    Is kind enough to share new humor every Wednesday.

  • The Cupboard

    Is a pamphlet full of promises and lies.

  • Early Jewelry

    Is home to hand-crafted jewelry by Kylie Grater.

  • Karl Taro Greenfield

    Is probably J.A.’s first-most famous and second-most handsome contributor.

  • Matchbook

    Is exceedingly punctual for an online literary endeavor.

  • McSweeney’s

    Is like a sort of octopus, when you think about it.

  • Monkey Bicycle

    Doesn’t publish nearly as many stories about monkeys or bicycles as you might hope for.

  • The Portland Review

    Features poetry and prose from the city of roses.

  • Whistling Shade

    Has been brining good reading to the twin cities since 2001.