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Lifetime Subscription

a.k.a. “the New York Public Library option,” in honor of our first lifetime subscriber. All our currently-available back-issues, plus all future issues. Your subscription could represent decades of reading enjoyment or mere months, depending on our staff’s physical durability — should cancer strike, we’re likely to close up shop, but rest assured that we’re aiming for octogenarian lifespans.

Issue Nine

Picture of Issue 9

Is thirty-six pages of very short shorts, illustrations, and a truly strange comic strip which confuses and delights us. As with previous issues, it sports a silkscreen cover, hand-stitched thread binding, and smells vaguely of citrus.

Issue Ten

Is in its formative stages but is due in June. Available now for pre-order.

One-Inch Pin (New & Improved!)

Picture of a J.A. pin: white rabbit on pink background

Pictured about is our old button, which we once described as “a charming one-inch pin featuring an illustration of Johnny atop a pink background.” Our new button is similar--slightly better, even--but due to lack of photographic skills, we are unable to capture its image. Imagine: exactly the same rabbit, in an identical pose, except with his outline drawn in red instead of black. Now, picture the pink background speckled with subtle white stars. Finally, visualize the matte white paper switched with acetate, resulting in a slightly metallic finish that blinds digital cameras like a second sun as their automatic flashes reflect back into their lenses. That’s what the new pins look like, basically. Take our word for it: they’re pretty sweet.

Date With a J.A. Representative

Based on your answers to a detailed questionnaire, we will pair you with the Johnny America Representative we believe most in need of liquor and food. If you’re not witty and good-looking, be prepared to foot the bill for three to four hours of heavy drinking. If you’re handsome or pretty, the J.A. Representative’s drink consumption will probably be moderate. You are warned if you’re ugly or annoying: many of our representatives can drink $200 in a night. Further, you will be responsible for all incidental costs--jukebox money, change for snacks, etc.--that the J.A. representative incurs over the course of the date. All drink, dinner, and transportation costs are soley your responsibility. We reserve the right to document the date’s activities and publish a review. Not responsible for broken hearts or venereal diseases.